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If you are connected with the technology or you are the person who is involved in technology either as a student-professor, developer or data scientist you always find comfort and ease in technology and when it comes to your working desk it becomes more mandatory. iMac is the transformation of apple company for the desktop users to make their experience elegant by providing a fitting and easy to use technology. The idea of new iMac is the next level idea and gives brilliant features and tools. It is fully packed with the fastest and latest processor, having large memory and with amazing phenomenal display which takes you in another world.

Short History

After the wait of 2-3 years, the new iMac was updated on 19 March 2019 having 8th and 9th coffee lake processors with the combo of Radeon pro-Vega (upgraded) graphics to improve the performance of 2017 models. The agenda of update iMac is obviously “freaking powerful”.

For the very first time in history, Apple Company produces Radeon pro Vega graphics in both the models 4k and 5k iMac. Radeon pro Vega graphics work 80% faster on 4kmacs whether in 27-inch model the graphical performance percentage is 50%.

Features of iMac

The price of 4k iMac having 21.5 inch is starting from $1,299 and having the 27-inch in 5k iMac price starts from $1,799. The 4k iMac has the capacity of 32GB RAM to 2666MHz RAM and 5k has 64 GB RAM fast to 2666MHz RAM. It has the feature of two USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports, also have 4 USB-A ports, a headphone port, SD card slot, microphone port and also have gigabyte Ethernet port which is the most amazing feature of iMac. The HD camera for the face time, the stereo speakers and the microphones/headphones port is the standard features in all the models of iMac.


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