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Mac mini is coming with the long-time October 2018 it is known as a fourth-generation computer. This excellently designed the small pack of factors with some brilliant and impressive specs and pulls with full of tricks. Mac mini branded with the name of “mini, is a desktop computer introduced by the Apple Inc. Mac mini is the only product of Apple Company which is shipped without display, keyboard and mouse. The desktop without display by Apple Company was released in 2005. The motive was to produce a display less desktop also called BYODKM (bring your own desktop, keyboard, and mouse). The reason behind introducing Mac mini by the Apple Company was to switch the use of a traditional PC. In 2010, Mac mini becomes Apple’s first computer having the HDMI which means having an ability to connect the port for videos, television and other display.

Background and Features

The most enhancing feature of Mac mini is its size 2.0 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches which is the initial size designed by the Apple Company. But on June 15, 2010, Mac mini was redesigned for being slimmer and thinner as compared to its previous models. According to its owner company, Apple challenged this that this version of Mac mini launched in 2018 is five times faster and smarter as compared to the model of 2014.

Price and Performance

The starting price of Apple Mac mini in 2018 was $799 and increased to $1099 with the entire updated configuration. If you want to buy any other accessory with that then the price will vary. The performance is enhanced with the quad and hexa-core Intel Core Processors having the combo of Turbo Boost speed of up to 4.6GHzwith support of 2.666MHz. The latest version of Mac mini has the Apple T2 security chip, which has a combo of SSD controller to protect on-the-fly data encryption for the sake of “industry-leading security”.


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